Thursday, May 17, 2012


So this picture isn't the best, but it is a drawing of Caitlin and I "Together in Love." If you look closely you will see that Caitlin is wearing a lovely dress with a heart on it, while I'm crying by her side. One of the girls in the CTR 5 class we teach drew it for us. 

We have been loving our calling. Our kids are great although sometimes a handful, but still they are great. We have loved getting to know them and we really enjoy teaching them the gospel. We're going to Vegas this weekend so we're not going to be able to teach them and we're actually really sad about it. Who would've thought that a group of eight 5-year-olds would make us miss going to our quirky ward.

We love spending time every week in primary, singing songs, coloring pictures, learning the gospel basics, and seeing the kids we teach absorb the principles we try to teach them. Some weeks we really struggle to get through to them, but we're always surprised with how much they remember and how much they want to live the gospel. One little girl in particular always remembers everything - like if we said we would do a certain activity or talk about something in particular, she remembers. I'm so impressed with how their minds work. It has been such a blessing for us to be in the primary - but maybe in our next ward we'll get to work with some of the adults so we can make a few friends that we can call by their first name rather than the parent of so-and-so...for real. 

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