Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Decorations

The past two weeks for FHE we've been getting ready for Easter. We don't really have any decorations or anything for any holidays (I think you accumulate that over years of marriage - not when you're newlyweds). So we have to make our own decorations.

This last week we decided to make eggs out of string, water balloons, and glue. They turned out pretty cool so we hung them in our dining room for decoration.

This week for FHE we decided to have an Easter themed lesson and dye easter eggs. We wanted to dye a lot of eggs, but we didn't want a million hard boiled eggs, so we also dyed non-boiled eggs. We were a bit nervous, especially since I killed my first egg (hard boiled, luckily) by dropping it right after I took it out of the dye. But we only had the one casualty. 

Here I am with all the hard boiled ones.

Caitlin posing with the uncooked eggs. We didn't dye them all and are a little worried that the yolk may be a funny color when we finally crack 'em open. We'll see!

 Caitlin's family has a tradition of racing Easter eggs down a hill on Easter, so we prepared special "racing eggs" for the event. I squirted a little extra dye on mine to give it a little something special.

Caitlin wanted to make a "Girl on Fire" egg, but her first attempt wasn't as firey as she would've liked, so she decided to remake it. Here are both of her eggs - the good fire one is on the left, the mistake is on the right.
We'll have to let  you know how the race turns out. I'm highly confident that my egg is made for racing - but since I've never raced eggs before, Caitlin will have the advantage. I'll shoot for beginners luck on this one! :)

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