Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Celebrations

We had a great Easter weekend. We did really well on planning our lesson for Sunday before Sunday, and we had a great time enjoying the weather and time with friends. Here are a few other things we were able to enjoy: 

The Easter Bunny delivered a basket to our house with all sorts of candy and goodies inside. Pride and Prejudice was for Caitlin and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was mine. The Easter Bunny is so thoughtful. :)

On Sunday morning we made sugar cookies for our 5-year olds. Caitlin insisted that I wear an apron so I insisted that she wear a double apron. I've never seen her get food on her behind while we cook, but just to be safe I figured we could cover her up.

Caitlin modeling.

Making the dough.

Cutting the shapes in my "flirty" apron.

We did Easter shapes - bunnies, flowers, eggs, the usual Easter stuff.

We made 3 dozen cookies and brought about half of them to our class. 

Later that evening we cooked a "traditional" Easter dinner. We made a ham, funeral potatoes, rolls, and salad. Everything turned out delicious, but we cooked WAY too much food. I think we'll be eating ham for a few weeks. 8 pounds is a lot of meat.

Here we are posing with our ham. She was a beauty!

And of course we had to take a picture posing in our Easter outfits. It was a warm day so I shed my suit coat as soon as we got home, but this is the majority of what we wore for church. We never ended up racing our eggs down the hill. We were going to do it on Monday for FHE, but our plans changed. We still have them in the fridge though, just in case we get the urge to find a hill and roll em down.

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