Thursday, March 29, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Since St. Patrick's Day is a day that originally commemorated St. Patrick with a large feast, it seems befitting to post pictures of the delicious foods we ate on our green holiday (and maybe just mention a few of the other fun things we did that day).

We started off the morning with a scavenger hunt sponsored generously by the sneaky little leprechaun that lives near or in our apartment. He led me all over the house, outside, and finally inside the washer where I found an I-Tunes gift card. That leprechaun is so sweet!

While Caitlin was in the shower, that same leprechaun decorated our apartment in green streamers, shamrocks, banners, and cooked a green breakfast. :)

He made us green pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream.

He also included Lucky Charms (the official food of leprechauns) and some hot chocolate with Irish Cream in it.

So glad Cait got this amazing picture of me enjoying breakfast.
After we enjoyed our leprechaun meal, we browsed around a few thrift stores, including one called "Junk in My Trunk" where we purchased some games and puzzles, and I also got bit by a flea (or some other insect living in the clothes bins). We then went home and made some shamrock pizza and relaxed for a little while until Caitlin had her Relief Society activity that night.

After she got home we enjoyed bowls of mint chocolate chip ice cream (it's green so it is totally a St. Patrick's day food) and called it a night.

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