Thursday, March 29, 2012

Service in Provo

A few weeks back I saw on the BYU-Idaho Service Activities Facebook page that it was Service Week. What a great opportunity for us to serve here in Provo. For our service, we went to the temple, we babysat for a family in our ward, we volunteered at an ice skating event, donated blood, and had dinner at the food bank.

The food bank was probably one of our favorite. They had bowls, real hand-made bowls, that you could buy and fill will soup. It is one of their largest fundraisers throughout the year. Caitlin and I snagged a couple of amazing looking bowls and enjoyed some tortilla soup. Then, after we got home, we realized that we are obsessed with pottery. We need to take a class or something cause everywhere we go we want to buy new bowls, pots, or cups that we find.
Here we are posing with our soup bowls.

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