Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flame Broiled

This past weekend I used my camera for the first time since I've been married. When I went to download the new pictures to my computer, I found these beauties that have never been published.

When I lived in Bunkhouse with Rick, Bryce, Ben, Stuart, and Shawn we decided to cook steak one night (in the oven) and Rick, as our apartments Master Chef, thought he could cook them the best.

After putting them in the oven and waiting a few minutes, Rick went to go check on them and started screaming (his usual chicken scream) that there was fire in the oven. He quickly grabbed the pan and rushed out to the balcony where we watched the fire cook the steaks perfectly.

Of course once the steaks were done we weren't quite sure how to get them out of the flames, but Bryce and Rick were pretty good at conquering the fires. Oh the adventures of 6 single guys in one apartment.

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