Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dress Up Day

On Friday, Caitlin and I woke up in a weird mood and decided that we would choose outfits for the other to wear. It got a little crazy after I found a beautiful track jacket in Caitlin's closet, and as you can see from the pictures - we were all sorts of hideous.

Caitlin sported a breathtaking flower in her hair and 80s style earrings. The tye-dye shirt was made on a date we had 2 years ago - and the delicious jacket was conveniently in her closet (she says for an 80s party, I think she secretly wears it around Provo while I'm at work).

Her handbag was 90s vintage, and her springy skirt was in preparation for Easter.

Caitlin had me don a pair of pajama pants topped with Hawaiian gym shorts. One brown sock, and one toe sock from a Japanese sister missionary in my mission. My shirt was a birthday gift from Rick Roper - the Kool-Ade man and this was covered by a loverly suit jacket.

The whole ensemble was tied together with a cloth belt and topped with a puffy vest and red bow tie.

I honestly don't know why we were being so silly, but since the outfits turned out so hideously, we decided to go shopping and buy some new clothes that we could actually wear without being embarrassed. But since I didn't take pictures of our new clothes, feel free to enjoy pictures of us looking ridiculous around our apartment.


  1. I love you both. Always be fun and silly. Always.

  2. Oh the joys of being newlyweds. You guys crack me up.