Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 Day Weekends

Before Caitlin started her new job we were really enjoying our 3-day weekends together. Unfortunately those days are over, but the memories still live on (Ha! Sounds like it was more than a week ago that they ended).

A few weeks back, we went to Burley to visit my dad. It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend. We decided to go to the City of Rocks and check things out. We didn't really dress for the City of Rocks though. We didn't realize it would be 60 degrees in Burley, but snowy a few miles away.

We decided to go climbing up some of the rocks anyway. Here are a few pics from our trip.

Caitlin and my dad

The pee station.

My dad had the brilliant idea that we should climb up this snowy, slippery rock.

We just ended up with wet, cold feet at the bottom.

After the City of Rocks we went shooting. It was Caitlin's first time shooting a handgun. It was a lot of fun.

After shooting we drove home, kicked around a soccer ball, and barbecued some sausages. I love bbq and I love the sun!

At the end of the trip we celebrated our time in Burley with a trip to Kiwi Loco! Best place ever! What really enjoyed the 3-day weekend. Now we'll just have to come up with really fun things to do on our new 2-day weekends.

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