Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines Day

I know Valentine's Day is in the middle of February - and here I am on the very last day of the month attempting to blog about our experience. I've gotten really bad at this continual blogging. But - even a sad attempt at blogging is better than no blog at all. So here is what we did on Valentine's (with a few pictures).

While I was in the shower, my beautiful wife made me heart shaped, pink pancakes. They were amazing and so delicious. I loved having a fun breakfast ready for me when I got out of the shower - and the heart shapes made it even better. I knew it was going to be a great day just based off the first experience.

Caitlin also packed me a lunch. Everything in it was red (except the sandwich. the sandwich was heart shaped) and they all had little love notes taped to them. Such a great lunch!

Since I'm such a great husband and I let my wife use the car everyday, I'm stranded at work and don't have a lot of opportunities to plan surprises. BUT I ordered Caitlin flowers to be delivered to our apartment. Well when I got home those flowers had not yet arrived. Caitlin was a little disappointed, and I told her that since I didn't have the car I couldn't get flowers. So we ate dinner and began setting things up in our new apartment (since it was only our second day there we had a lot to do and figured that would be better than trying to have a romantic evening full of boxes). Around 8:00 p.m. the doorbell rang and it was the flower delivery boy. Finally! I can't believe they were out that late delivering flowers, but I was grateful that they finally arrived, and I think Caitlin enjoyed them as well. Better late than never, right?

So it was really low-key and not ultra romantic, but it was Valentine's Day - and it was great. Holidays when you're married are great. Can't wait for St. Patrick's Day!

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