Monday, February 20, 2012


Caitlin and I spent the majority of the weekend shopping and putting things together in our apartment. It was an enjoyable experience (although I think most things are enjoyable when you're newlyweds) and we found some great furniture at Ikea. But there were a few items we wanted to shop around for so we decided to hit up Wal-Mart and Target.

After 2 hours in Ikea, Walmart was the closest on the list so we went and found a few things on our list. We were getting tired, but we needed to check out Target before heading up to Bear River City for Caitlin's cousins wedding reception. The first thing on our list was a card to put on our gift for the reception. We found a card right away and threw it in the cart. We spent another 30 minutes browsing the aisles for things we needed. After visiting the last needed aisle we decide that it's probably time to go to the checkout and get up to the reception. We looked down in our cart and realized that we had been pushing around an empty cart the entire time! We only found the card for the gift and never added anything else to the cart. We didn't want to be embarrassed when we went to the checkout, so I went and returned the cart while Caitlin took our easily carryable card to the checkout. The card cost less than $1 and we didn't really need a card, but we for sure had a good time pushing around the bright red Target cart.

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