Sunday, January 1, 2012

Silly Tradition

How did the tradition of ugly sweater parties start? We spend the whole year trying to look our best. We set new years resolutions of attending the gym and getting the perfect beach body. We spend thousands of dollars on our wardrobes. Make-up counters, hair products, and other beauty products fill the stores. We (not me, but maybe you) even spend money on altering our physical appearance with surgery. Yikes!

So with all this beautification we see on a daily basis, why do we then dress ourselves in the most hideous sweaters and parade around for everyone to see? I was invited to at least 5 different ugly sweater parties this holiday season. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend any of them except my work party (where I won the award for Best Homemade Design) but it got me thinking as to why people would sponsor such events.

I found a great article on why ugly Christmas sweaters even exist and where the tradition originated from (sort of). You can enjoy the article as well as the following pictures from my work party. Hopefully you didn't get suckered into wearing (or making) any hideous sweaters this year.
Jessica and me. Of course I'm riding a reindeer that's attached to my sweater.

Me and some of the business gals in their ugly sweaters.

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  1. I was thinking about you and your crazy light up sweater that one Christmas (almost forever ago now). It was the best, meaning ugliest, thing ever!