Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Missionary Famous

On New Year's Eve I went to Temple Square with Caitlin's family to watch some of the musical performances on the square. Finishing up the night was the Nashville Tribute Band. I listened to their first two albums on my mission and then when they came to perform in Rexburg they announced that they would be making an album as a tribute to missionaries. I was stoked! They asked for returned missionaries to submit pictures from their mission. I decided to do this - but I never heard anything and it took nearly two years for them to produce an album.
So while I was on temple square there was a booth selling the CD's - and I knew I needed to buy one since I loved their first two albums. While walking away from the booth I opened up the album and BAM! There was my picture on the inside cover of the CD.

Pretty crazy cool, right?
Here is an enlarged version of Carter Mees and I in front of the Houston temple.

Basically I love that we're in an album. Even though people would never know it was me, I still feel like I'm a famous missionary.


  1. niiiiiice! gotta love the jumping pictures in front of the temple!!!

  2. Devin, You were a famous missionary.

  3. Devin that is awesome! I was looking at those pictures to see if by chance I knew anyone... now I can say that I do.

  4. oh my gosh. i totally almost feel famous for serving with you now.