Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tour of Burley

I've never really seen a lot of Burley even though I've been living here for two months. So today we decided to take a tour of the town. So basically this post is just the pictures we took all over Burley.
Brynn and Caitlin sitting on a drawbridge.

Having a blast on a graffiti grain.

Then we went to a park and played around on the jungle gym and on all the play structures.

After the park we went and found some cool buildings and Halloween decorations.

Loved finding the Normal Avenue.

I got hit by a bus somewhere along the way.

A little fun with some leaves.

And we finished it off with a BEAUTIFUL sunset.

Now I feel like I really know Burley. It was such a blast going on a tour of the town. Caitlin and I decided that we should tour more towns in the future. Maybe Rexburg will be next.

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