Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hearty Breakfast

This past week when I was up in Rexburg, I requested that Rick Lee Roper make me breakfast while I was in the shower. Only requirement was that it had to taste good. So here is what he served me: a sliced apple with peanut butter on the side, a clump of raisins, Smarties, two sausage links, a sugar cookie with chocolate frosting, a plain sugar cookie, and a sugar cookie with butter, a Milky Way, a banana, four chocolate chips, and a glass of milk.

What a great roommate, right? I couldn't eat the whole meal so I only ate half the apple, one cookie, the raisins, and sausage. I then grabbed a bowl and used the milk to wash down some cereal. I'm so grateful for good roommates and good food. Caitlin laughs about how I have high expectations. I guess that's the problem with having amazing roommates all through college - your wife has to fill their shoes. But I'm 100% confident that she'll handle it with no problems.

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