Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spiderman & Time Square

Time Square is like a dream. Literally. This is what you see in the movies. Even in I Am Legend when the city is deserted, it is magical. Ben told me before going to NYC that you can always tell a tourist because they look up, whereas a real New Yorker doesn't really care about what is going on on the giant screens flashing advertisements everywhere.

I embraced the fact that I was a tourist and was gawking at everything! It really is larger than life and so amazing. Here I am trying to describe it and I can barely find words. :) Go there. See what I saw. Then you will understand how great the city is. It may smell like garbage and have a million people crowded in the sidewalks, but it is a city of dreams.

One dream we for sure filled while in New York was Ben's dream of seeing Spiderman the Musical. Maybe it wasn't the best musical ever written, but it was worth the $30 we spent on it. We got rush tickets that were on the balcony and partial view, but we made friends with the usher and he moved us to some great seats after the seating was closed. Ben almost peed his pants because we were within touching distance of Spiderman as he jumped off the platform to soar over the audience.

So glad we went to New York. So glad we enjoyed Time Square. So glad we saw a musical on Broadway. So glad that this isn't the end of my New York blogging. Stay tuned for more. :)

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