Monday, September 26, 2011

Post Graduation Employment

Since graduating from BYU-Idaho with a degree in Communication, I have yet to work in anything related to my degree. In fact, I have been working on a farm instead. This is not my favorite type of work, but it has been such a blessing. It has given me money to help pay the bills. It keeps me close to Rexburg (or in other words: Caitlin). It gives me a unique experience that I can blog about. And it makes my dad really happy that I now know how to drive a tractor.

The main work I've been doing has been injecting manure into fields. That's right. I work with poop all day everyday. It makes bathing that much better and it gives me an excuse to listen to audiobooks. I've already finished The Things They Carried, Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, all sessions of General Conference, and half of Moby Dick. I just downloaded El Libro De Mormon too, so now I'll get to practicar mi espanol. To me, this is a pretty nice perk of the job.
Every once in a while I'll get to do some other random things. This past week I painted all day long. I took a before picture - but when I was covered in white paint and could barely see my own skin pigment (I literally felt like Michael Jackson) I forgot to take an after picture. Oh well. Here's to many more adventures post-graduation! Hopefully I'll find a communication job in the near future.

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