Monday, September 26, 2011

Harry Potter is Real Life

Not a lot of people can find many parallels between their life and that of Harry Potter, but I like to stretch myself and see how far I can push it. So here is my own personal set of Harry Potter characters and my life at BYU-Idaho. Both Harry and I have moved on, but the characters remain the same.

Of course I'm Harry. I'm not the brave and ofttimes emotional Harry that you see in the books, but I'm the main character of my blog and therefore the main character of the Harry Potter series.

Rick Lee Roper is my Ron Weasley. He is my best friend and we have A LOT of adventures together. He is loyal and his family is always so nice to me. For sure a Weasley family.

Julie Larson is my Hermione Granger. She is very brave (hence the Gryffindor) and a true friend. Hopefully she will end up marrying my best friend and then we'll be related in some way.

Caitlin Hendrickson is my Ginny Weasley (duh). She is beautiful and bold. She goes after what she wants yet is reserved in her own special way.

Ben Burke is my Neville Longbottom. He didn't really become anyones favorite until the end of the series - and he didn't really become a good friend of mine until the end of my college career. But I for sure couldn't have defeated Voldemort without him.

Stuart Spieth is my Hedwig. This may seem really strange, but Hedwig is Harry's oldest friend and she is the only one that goes home with Harry. Stu and I have been friends since elementary school, and calls Estacada home, just as I do.

Anna Baird is my Luna Lovegood. A really smart girl that definitely lets her blonde shine through. I for sure like to make fun of her for her ditzyness.

My Quidditch Team
These girls and guys are my teammates. Emma is Alicia Spinnet, Valerie is Angelina Johnson, and Kami is Katie Bell. In the books the quidditch team is a lot closer than in the movies. So I'm basing these characters off of the books. My team is like family.
And of course, the quidditch team would not be complete without Fred and George Weasley. Shawn is Fred and Bryce is George. Shawn had to be Fred because he transfered schools and Fred transfers as well... sort of. :)

Dave Borchardt is my Dean Thomas. Larger character in the book than the movies - but a very loyal friend, but not as in the main story as others.

Hopefully Kira does not get mad, but she is Seamus Finnigan. Again, a minor character in the movie that has a larger part in the book. True friend to Harry and a true friend to me.

And finally, Kati Miner and Sam Bryant are Parvarti Patil and Lavender Brown. Inseparable girls who I could really see loving divination and Professor Trelawney.
Clearly Harry Potter has changed my life. But so have all of my friends from BYU-Idaho. So it is only natural to attempt to combine the two.


  1. I am only slightly offended that I am not on this list... is that because you see me as your Dumbledore and you didn't want anyone to know? =) okay fine totally kidding... As you know I love HP so this I thought this was a pretty cool parallel you drew =)

  2. bahaha devin this is the greatest thing i've ever seen!!!! i miss you! ps stop not responding to my texts that'd be great!

  3. I love that Stuart is a she! Hilarious!

  4. Awesome man!
    -Jake Barnes