Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great Life

I may have just spent the last hour or so looking at pictures of myself on Facebook. No this is not something I normally do, but I LOVED spending time with my memories via Facebook.

How did I ever get so lucky? I really can't describe how wonderful my life has been. BYU-Idaho has changed me in so many ways. I had the BEST roommates, wonderful FHE sisters, and I met my beautiful and amazing future wife. I was able to take classes that prepared me for my future, classes that were stressful, classes that were stress relievers, and classes that introduced me to new concepts that have changed the way I perceive life.

I know that I no longer attend BYU-Idaho and I have graduated and moved on, but BYU-I will always be a part of who I am. Luckily I can be reminded every day about how great BYU-I is via this video. Yes, that stunningly gorgeous girl at the beginning of the video is my fiance. It gives me an excuse to watch it over and over again. :)

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