Saturday, September 24, 2011

The End of a Journey

First off... hit play on this video so you can get a feeling of how this post will go. No need to watch it, just let it play as you read.

I've been really slacking at posting all about our road trip so I figured I would just finish them all off and then catch up on the rest of my ultra exciting life. So here goes!

We went to Delaware! I know it seems a little nerdy, but I was so excited to pass through a corner of this tiny state. For some reason I've always loved Delaware. Maybe it's because it was the first state, or maybe it's because it looks like a mini Idaho. It doesn't really matter why, but I am so obsessed with one day living in (or maybe vacationing to) Delaware. I'm so glad we were able to drive through it. We went to Virginia (hence the reason we passed through Delaware) and we went to stay at my cousins house. It was so much fun being able to catch up with her and her husband. It has been up to 8 years since I last saw them so it was a lot of fun hanging out there. We went to the fair with their family and had a great time going on rides and enjoying fair food with the kids.

After we left their house we went to our friends house in another part of Virginia (more western) and hung out with Ms. Colleen Johnson for the next few days. We were able to go see the monuments and the temple and a few museums. Basically it was a blast. Here are a few photos from DC:

The Washington Monument
The Washington DC Temple
Me, Colleen, Emily, and Ben at the metro station
The US Capitol
We were able to have a tour of the Capitol that Colleen arranged for us. The guy who gave us a tour is LDS and he was interning on Capitol Hill. He knew sooo much information about the building - even where the tiles came from in each room. His plethora of knowledge made us curious about other historical sites in the DC area, so when we went to the Library of Congress, we snuck into another tour group to get all the details on the rooms.
Emily and Colleen with the Virginia statue
So patriotic in the nations capitol. :)
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Playing around in an open amphitheater in Arlington Cemetery
Colleen and Ben in the amphitheater
This is the Library of Congress. SO HUGE and SO BEAUTIFUL

After a few days in DC we were off to our next adventure in North Carolina. Ben and I split up during this leg of our journey *tear* but we were able to survive without one another for the week we were in NC.
I went to Asheville, North Carolina to visit my best friend Lacy Duncan. She is getting married to her fiance Jay (super great guy, I approve) so her mom flew out at the same time I was there and we were able to help her plan her wedding. We went dress shopping, saw the band play that would be at their wedding, went to a baseball game, ate some amazing food, and visited the Biltmore Mansion. Lacy and Jay sure know how to be tour guides and show their guests a good time. Although I would never want to live in North Carolina, this was the best part of the trip. It was so great to be with old friends/family and enjoy a week relaxing in the south.

Jay, Lacy, Linda and me at the baseball game
The inside of the Biltmore Mansion (where Richie Rich was filmed)
Us outside the mansion. Literally the biggest house I've ever seen in my life. 250 rooms on 8,000 acres. Let me know if you've seen something bigger.

After our week of separation we had to reunite to finish our trip and the next stop was Nashville, Tennessee. My friend Preston Johnson lives there so we hit him up for a good time. We went to some music joints to see live music in Nashville. We went to the Parthenon - which is strange because you wouldn't think there would be a life size replica of this Greek architecture in Tennessee. But it was HUGE and added a little Grecian culture to our trip. We also visited the largest hotel I've ever seen (strange how we visit a lot of big things on our trip). You may want to check this out if you ever go to Nashville. It would be worth it to stay for a night. Nashville is for sure one of my new favorite places. I would love to go on vacation there again.
The Parthenon

Preston, me, and Ben

After Nashville we started our long trek home. Our next stop would be Kansas, then Wyoming, then Idaho. Here are a few of the last things we saw:

St. Louis, Missouri: Gateway to the West!
And of course, Waffle House. We had to stop here on the last day of our journey. Ben is completely obsessed so of course I was dying to go. Jim Gaffigan explains it perfectly. I absolutely loved it!

Well that is it for the Road Trip of the Century! (or whatever it is that we're calling it.

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