Monday, September 12, 2011

Completing New York

A trip to New York City would not be complete without the following:

A trip to the top of the Empire State Building. The view is amazing, and you can't fully comprehend how many skyscrapers there are until you see them from above. It's breathtaking.

A chance meeting with a former FHE sister. Yes, Alexis Cannariato just happened to be in the ward we decided to attend while visiting Manhattan. You know what they say, FHE family is forever.

A trip to Central Park. My favorite part of the city was of course the humongous park smack dab in the middle. It is crazy weird how the park engulfs you and you forget that there is a booming metropolis on all sides. We for sure spent hours walking through the park on Sunday.

A trip to see the Statue of Liberty. We didn't get off the boat, but we took a Circle Line Cruise around Manhattan to see the statue. It's pretty cool. Next time I want to go inside. But for my first time, simply seeing it was enough.

Oh yeah - a few other things that complete a trip to New York City:
  • Seeing a dead rat floating in the Hudson River
  • Riding the Subway (and actually understanding how it works)
  • Visiting Ground Zero
  • Eating every meal from street vendors
  • Making fun of people from New Jersey
  • Having rain and wind so hard that your umbrella turns inside out
  • Not being able to cram everything into the 3 days you're there

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  1. UMMMmmm guess what? I forgot you had a blog and then I saw your pic on julie's blog page and then I googled Devin Graves and guess what the first thing was that came up? "Hi my name is Devin Graves, and I love my body." Hysterical. Your Hawaii post was epic and I'm thinking your whole blog is epic too. Wow. Life is exciting. Let's be blogland friends! Yes? YES!

    love, Rachel