Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Da Windy City

Chicago was the first big city on our trip... actually, it is the first city on our trip period. There aren't really any cities in Montana or North Dakota. Luckily we had just watched The Source Code which takes place in Chicago, so we were all sorts of excited to see the giant bean featured at the end of the movie. It may have been the coolest piece of modern art I've ever seen. I loved the reflection of the Chicago skyline.

At this point in our vacation we realized that we were HUGE tourists and we decided to embrace it. We spent a lot of the time in Chicago simply gawking at the skyline and variety of statues. There is a lot of modern art all over the city. But one of the best parts of going to Chicago was the opportunity we had to people watch.

We learned that: You can make money by painting yourself silver and letting Asian tourists take pictures with you. You should never wear white pants and black underwear. If you want tickets to Lollapalooza you simply walk around with your hand in the air signaling how many tickets you need. You can look up Marilyn Monroe's dress, although we only saw creepy men doing this. The most dangerous men in Chicago are the cab drivers. And finally, hitting on women by commenting on what they are drinking is not a successful tactic.

Maybe this last one comes with an explanation. Ben and I love the stand up comedy of Anjelah Johnson. In her stand up comedy where she describes how different guys hit on girls. So as we're walking down the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, a black man calls out to a girl drinking water near us, "You staying hydrated there baby?" She gives him a smug look and holds up her bottle of water to him as if saying "You're an idiot." We then cross the street and I say to her, "Does that work? Is that a common way that guys hit on girls?" She replies with, "It happens all the time." I then proceed to tell her that although we're pretty wimpy white boys, if she needed it we could totally take out any guy harassing her... or call the cops. :) She laughed and we parted ways. It was funny to see that Anjelah Johnson knows what she's talking about when it comes to how guys hit on girls.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of us with some of the modern art in Chicago. There was a field full of legs, and a giant Marilyn Monroe statue. Pretty interesting if you ask me.

When Ben and I started our road trip we decided we wanted to sample hot dogs in all the places we visited. For this in Chicago we visited the famous Portillo's restaurant. It was a super HUGE and super PACKED place, but the dogs were definitely worth it. They had tomatoes, onions, and hot peppers on them and were for sure the best hot dogs we had on our journey. So glad we made sure to grab a dog while visiting the Windy City.

And just in case there weren't enough pictures of the Bean up above, here is one last parting shot. :)

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