Monday, August 8, 2011

Between Montana and Illinois

Were you aware that the drive from Montana to Illinois is beautiful? I'm guessing that unless you've undertaken the drive in the summertime you probably weren't aware of that little tidbit.

Luckily we were able to experience beautiful weather and beautiful scenery on our drive.

We started out at 4:30 a.m. - a rough time to get up in the morning, but we wanted to get to Chicago while it was still daylight. Since we rose so early we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset in North Dakota. Don't mind the bugs splattering the windshield, I was the only one awake so I used my phone to snap a picture while I was driving. North Dakota - although not talked about a lot (at least where I'm from - or anywhere else that I've been) is a beautiful state. Maybe because it has harsh winters, or because it has no large cities, it is sometimes overlooked - but believe me, it is worth a drive through at some point in time in your life.

I slept through the majority of Minnesota. But luckily I only missed a few bad accents, mosquitos and cold weather. Now how do I know that these three things occurred while we were passing through Minnesota? Just check out some common stereotypes in this quiz I found online. It quizzes you all about the common stereotypes of a few of the states. I knew about the accents but I hadn't really thought about the mosquito population of Minnesota, and now I assume it is out of control. You know you can basically believe anything you read on the internet (especially in stereotype quizzes), so this gives me an assurance that mosquitos basically run the state of Minnesota.

Wisconsin is exactly how I pictured it. Very green and full of farms. I would have to say that I thought the types of farms (pictured on the right) I saw in Wisconsin were only in the movies - especially since the farms in Idaho are soooo much more different than anything I've seen in a movie. But it turns out that movie farms really do exist, and they are found in Wisconsin. Luckily the farm smells stayed outside (for the most part) and we were able to blast through that part of our journey in no time, leaving us to enjoy a corner of Illionis before venturing to Chicago.

I will have more to come on Chicago (where we actually got out of the car) and then on to New York. I'm pretty sure in this road trip we will hit 21 states, so stay tuned for what lies ahead on Devin & Ben's Amazing Road Trip Adventure! (This may not be the official name of our road trip, but it's pretty close)

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