Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beginning of a Road Trip

We began our trip by traveling to Montana. Montana is Big Sky Country. Why? I guess due to the lack of trees, mountains, and buildings in parts of the state, you can see a lot of sky. We did notice that there were meat manufacturing buildings, cattle drives, rodeos, horse sales, and other country-type things. Even the elders we talked with spoke fondly of branding cattle and working on the ranches for service. Montana is big, and it is spacious. But we found ways of entertaining ourselves.

I constantly imagined the entire place was filled with dinosaurs. I'm not really obsessed, but everywhere in Montana advertised dinosaurs. Museums. Restaurants. Grocery stores. Literally, I felt like they were everywhere. But that just made our time in Montana all the more enjoyable.

We also ventured out to Makoshika, often referred to as the "badlands" of Montana. They were actually quite beautiful (and of course, there have been dinosaur remains found there as well). We just drove through the park but I really enjoyed the view.

Bens sister Krysten also treated us very well. We went out to eat at some of the top joints in Glendive (population 4,628) and went on a 5 mile run. We were able to babysit, design logos, sand the outside of a dentist shop, and the most important event that caused us to stay: Ben getting his Montana drivers license! Yay! After that joyous occasion we were able to leave and say goodbye to the Big Sky Country. More of the roadtrip to come.

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