Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter Ends!

Yes, this will be an entire post about Harry Potter.

No, I'm not ridiculously obsessed.

Yes, I may have cried at the end of the books and the movie.

Yes, I speak in a British accent as much as I can just to pretend I'm at Hogwarts.

Yes, I took a sorting hat quiz. No, I'm not in Gryffindor. I'm a Ravenclaw of course.

No, I'm not re-reading the 7th book just to reminisce on what was the greatest wizarding adventure of my life (ok this one is a lie, I'm totally re-reading the book)

So the movie was fantastic! I love all of the movies, although they are VERY different from the books, and they may change some of my favorite parts and characters, I love the fact that I can SEE Harry Potter and his adventures rather than just imagining them. I decided to go to the midnight showing (which I've never done before, especially because it is breaking school rules to be out past midnight) and although there were a lot of freaks dressed up all sorts of crazy, I felt oddly at home.

We decided to dress up as Dumbledore's Army. That was on of my favorite parts of the book (although not one of my favorite depictions in the movies). I was Neville of course.
Neville, Cho, Ron, & Luna
Ron and Luna
Neville and Cho

The night was great. There was laughter, tears, and an overall feeling of completeness in the movie series. The flashback about Snape's life was by far the greatest part of the movie. It was done so well and gave justice to his character. Really and truly the series and movies are amazing and anyone who hasn't read the books needs to put that as a high priority of to-dos.

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  1. "I was Neville of course"
    Oh Devin. You soak up that Harry Potter goodness for me. And I'll keep trying to convince my mission president that it's about eternal life...