Friday, July 8, 2011

11 Things to do for Your Career

While in Salt Lake a few weeks ago our group met with Jennifer Armistead, a career coach in the Salt Lake Valley. She shared with us the top 11 things to do for your career, and I would like to share them with you.
1. Create a personal brand
· Ensure consistency and authenticity
· Ask yourself, what do I want to be known for?
2. Use social media
· Use twitter to follow and discuss things you’re interested in
· Tweet in consistency with your brand
3. Create a professional blog
· Keep notes of things you learn in your career
· Read others blogs that share similar interests as you
4. Listen to podcasts
· Expand your horizons with interesting podcasts
5. Keep a job journal
· Write down ideas, inspiration, and information in regards to your career
6. Find a mentor
· Have a mentor you can go to for advice and help
· Meet with your mentor on a monthly basis and set goals together
7. Health and wellness
· Keep your body healthy so you can perform
8. Have a personal cause
· Keep involved in the community and stand for something
· Find a way to use your passion to help those around you
9. Read
· Strengthsfinder 2.0
· Great Work, Great Career
· The First 90 Days
· You Are a Brand
· Never Eat Alone
10. Network
· Give out your business card and keep others
11. Make time for your career
· Do not let others dictate where your career goes
· Spend time every day to better your career

Jennifer was an amazing speaker and she really helped motivate me and she helped me understand where I need to focus my energy while I’m looking for a job. I would recommend anyone follow her on twitter and learn from her plethora of knowledge. You can follow her @careercoachjen

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