Monday, May 23, 2011

Waste of Time

Sometimes I sit in class and think that I'm wasting my life away - not because I don't want to be in school, but because my professors are ridiculous. Right now in my sports medicine class we're stretching our ankles. It is quite enjoyable. My ankles feel all sorts of healed! My sports medicine professor is a nice guy - but seriously! We're reading one of my classmates assignments on sports rehab and doing the things he recommended for an ankle injury. Good grief!

Just last Friday my sociology professor answered his phone during class rather than answer my question. Literally! This is how the conversation went:
(discussion is about Anglo-Saxton)
Me: What about Whales
Professor: I'm glad you mentioned that, it will be an answer on the test... *answers phone and has a brief conversation.
Me: (to the class) You did not just answer the phone rather than my question!
Professor: Clumsily apologizes for interrupting class - and attempts to elaborate on why he answered the phone. Most of the class has dismissed this behavior due to apathy and class continues as regular.

I'm so glad my scholarships pay for my education, cause this is simply ridiculous!


  1. That's what you get when you have a learning model, students teaching students, can be good, can be lame. I can guess the professor! He has been answering his phone in class for years. His name starts with an "St" and ends with an "okes", right? I loved him, what a goof!

  2. Tess, I can't believe you recognized Brother Stokes from my short description! He's an interesting fellow. Let's put it this way - I'm learning a lot from my textbooks this semester.