Monday, May 23, 2011


For some reason I've been thinking a lot today about the weird quirks I have that my wife will have to put up with/embrace. I like to think I'm fairly normal, but there are some odd things I would love her to do with me. This was all brought on today when I was walking up to University Press and I saw a pack of ants tearing apart the carcass of an earthworm. I of course paused, squatted down, and watched the ants for maybe almost a minute. They are so fascinating. I could watch ants all day. I hope my wife will embrace that.

I also hope that she wont mind that I listen to the same song/cd on repeat for weeks. If I love it, I'll never tire of it. Hopefully she wont mind. Likewise, I hope that she will want to sing along with every song - and that when a duet comes on, she will automatically sing the girl part while I sing the boy part. It should be a natural reaction for people, but for some reason I've notice a lot of people like to sing both parts. I don't understand their gender confusion. :)

My wife will have to put up with the fact that I am terrified of "settling down" - which means that I may want to move around a lot. This is a hard thing to ask of somebody, especially when my ambitions are to live in third world countries throughout the globe. I don't want someone who is terrified to give birth in Uganda, Nicaragua, or Thailand.

I've also got this bad habit of being grumpy in the morning. I'm never for real mad, but I can for sure rip your head off if you look at me wrong. I hope she's a morning person and can accept the fact that even if I choose to get up early, I may be Mr. Grumpyface.

I need someone to understand that I like to be clean - and hate certain messes, especially hair or sticky anything. I hate living with roommates who leave toothpaste in the bottom of the sink, or sticky/crumbly messes on the kitchen counters. Don't people understand that those are classified as messes?

Recycling will be a must in my house, and my wife will just have to accept the fact that I am always trying to find the most eco-friendly junk on the market. It is not always feasible on a college budget, but it is always a concern of mine. Please let her embrace that quirk of mine.

Last but not least, I hope I find a girl who will do anything with me - no reservations. I like to try everything and do anything, but I hate having to drag people along with me. I want someone who will be as spontaneous and open minded as I am, but also someone who will keep me down to earth.

Most of all, I need someone who will keep me company for eternity. That's not too much to ask, right? Just someone who will accept my quirks and love me for/in spite of them.

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  1. Having been to Nicaragua you should be terrified for your wife to give birth there. just kidding. As long as you aren't living in the trash dump (literally) you should be able to find a clean hospital.
    These quirks aren't too unreasonable but start preparing yourself for her quirks. Such as making a sandwich without a plate underneath, and then leaving a big knife covered in jam on the counter. crumbs + sticky knife = possible wife quirk. Don't worry you will find her, or she will find you.
    Okay my comment is long enough, sorry.