Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hunger Games

Yes - I'm on board with casting the Hunger Games movie. I can hardly wait to see the adaptation of the horribly gruesome teen novel. They've already cast the majority of characters - and I was a little skeptical of their choice for Katniss, but after seeing this cover of Entertainment Weekly, I agree with their choice. She looks like she could be an ordinary girl from the seam. We'll see.

Recently (this week) I've begun re-reading the books. But this time I'm listening rather than reading a hard copy. I forgot how good and addicting they are. My boss just finished the third one today, and she has literally been glued to her i-pod since starting the first one. They are an addicting series, and I'm grateful there were only three. Harry Potter already has a monopoly on my book/movie time - I don't think I could handle a competing series.

Well basically I just wanted to share this cover of EW so you can get excited for the games to begin!

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