Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference

I love General Conference! This is really one of the most difficult things for me to describe. There is such an overwhelming feeling of self improvement that I really need and I really enjoy. I love my life - but there are always ways to fix it and make it better, more in harmony with what the Lord would want me to do. General Conference always puts that into perspective for me.

I was able to go down with my roommate Ben, and meet up with Valerie and Julie and watch Saturday afternoon in the Conference Center as well as Priesthood Session. The messages shared truly touched my heart and give me that hope that one day I'll be able to be perfected. Of all the messages, President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's stuck out to me the most. He told the story of a man who saved all his money to go on a cruise and see a few coastal cities - something he had wanted his whole life. He finally had enough for the cruise, so he bought his ticket, packed a meager amount of cheap food and set out for the ship. While on the cruiseline he was envious of the people who could afford to see movies, go to the gym, eat elaborate dinners and enjoy the ships amenities. He was still grateful for the opportunity to see the coastal towns he had wanted to visit, but spent his time on the cruise ship in his room eating his meager rations. It wasn't until the last day, when a cruise worker asked him which farewell party he was planning on attending, did the man learn that all the amenities on the ship were included in the ticket price. He had been living far below his privilege while on the cruiseliner.

He proceeded to compare this mans experience to our lives, especially as priesthood holders. We are living below our privilege in many aspects, and we must find what we can do - and then do it! He was so inspiring to me and gave me the exact message I needed to hear. There were other great talks as well, but I will not go into details about those. If you want to read them, the text will be available on Thursday at I would highly recommend spending some time reading and pondering the messages of the apostles and prophets of God. You will not regret it.

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  1. I miss you Devin! Can I see you before the semester is done and you leave!? Will you be here this summer... so many questions :)