Sunday, April 3, 2011

Field Trip

Last Friday I got to go on an amazing field trip for my Natural Disasters class. Now when I say amazing - I use that term loosely. The field trip itself was actually rather pointless, but the group of friends I was with made the trip so much better. We may have been the loudest group on the bus and in all of West Yellowstone, but I'm pretty sure the other students enjoyed our rambunctiousness. They were all bored out of their minds too.

It would've been a miserable day if it weren't for my great friends.

Some of the great things we experienced include the bear bench as seen above; watching our professor fall on some ice; freezing in the horrid wind of Montana and Wyoming; learning about rockslides and earthquakes; playing the alphabet game on the bus; sharing an i-pod between 4 people; and best of all - pizza afterwards as a "Hooray! We're done!" celebration. Needless to say, the field trip was a bust, but the friendship memories were bomb.

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