Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Indo Board & Hawaii

What could better represent this post than a creeper guy with a mustache balancing on an Indo Board?
I'm going to Hawaii in April - so I got really super excited about crossing off number 25 of my life goals: Go surfing. As I was practically peeing my pants in anticipation, I remembered a balancing trainer that one of my neighbors had - so I looked it up online and decided I NEEDED one before going to Hawaii. So I bought an Indo Board. Can I just say that it is one of the greatest, most entertaining investments I have ever made? It is so much fun to play on, for me and the millions of guests that flock to our apartment to try it out.

I think it also helps me with my balance in the frigidly cold ice cube that is Rexburg. I literally had to jog to class yesterday, slipped on some ice, but was able to catch my balance. Coincidence? I think not. Hooray for Indo Board and their ingeniously designed balancing board. Thank you for the hours of entertainment.

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