Friday, February 18, 2011


Just last night I had the wonderful opportunity of cleaning the temple. I had never before been assigned to clean the temple and I feel like I learned so much about myself and cleaning through the process of cleaning the already immaculate temple.

Some may think it’s strange, but I always enjoy cleaning – and I think it’s for two reasons. The first reason is that I like it when things are clean because I feel like I can relax when things are clean. The second reason is that it gives me instant results. When you clean, immediately after you finish, things look better. There is an instant gratification. I was humbled by the purity of the temple, and how I was cleaning what was already nearly spotless. There wasn’t the same element as the rest of my cleaning. I wasn’t seeing my results. I wasn’t cleaning to have peace and relaxation (both of which are easy to find in the temple). Rather, I was cleaning for the Lord – to show him that I valued the purity of His house.

It was the perfect time for me to reflect on my life and see where things needed to be adjusted. I realized that I am keeping myself busy to distract myself, but I do not always fill my day with the best things. Over quoted in the church is the talk, Good, Better, Best, and I feel that because of its overuse, I tend to ignore the message. It has become white noise to me. But how often do I search after the best things? And if I did have more time, how would I fill it? I think my answer would not be better or best, but rather just good things that keep me busy.

Cleaning the temple helped me realize that I need to clean up my life too and sift through the business and find a way to focus on my spiritual health and purity. Like in the temple, I need to focus on the small details that may go overlooked by the untrained eye, and I need to clean those things to make my life as clean and pure as the temple is.

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