Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why I Hate the City

I realized today something about the city - I hate it. I am fascinated with the architecture, the night life, the abundance of culture, parks and people. But I most definitely hate who I am in the city. I have stopped trusting people, I judge them based off their race, clothing and the way that they walk. It is actually quite sad. I passed these two guys today on my way to work, they had a flat tire - and I didn't even think about stopping. In an instant I judged them as someone who would probably steal my car if I pulled over on the side of the road to help them. This assumption probably wasn't accurate, but it's shocking what the city will do to you.

I don't leave my car unlocked, even for 5 minutes while I run inside. Everything valuable is out of my car every time I leave it. I run with only one headphone in so I can hear if anyone is approaching me. I try to avoid dark streets or bushes. It is really quite sad. In Rexburg I lived a peaceful, trusting life. I've changed so much. Even today when I'm sitting at home I dead bolt the door. Oh Houston, what have you done to me?

Maybe these will help show the difference:

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