Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Things Unique to Texas

The following are things I love, and to me are uniquely Texas. You may be from another state in the south where these things are common, but I've only experienced them here so forever they will be Texan.
First thing is hurricane tracking. Coming from the northwest, I never even dreamed about hurricane tracking. Flooding for sure. Volcano eruptions, maybe. But never hurricanes.

Although none have come close to the gulf yet, there is still one more month of hurricane season, so I will continue to track the storms as they come. Maybe we'll get a tropical storm and I wont have to go to work for a day...maybe.

Peanut butter. Not just any peanut butter, but the kind they make in the LDS cannery here. I couldn't find a picture online and i was too lazy to walk downstairs and take a picture of the jar in the cabinet, but this stuff is amazing. All natural peanut butter and the label has the state of Texas outlined in Red. What could be better than that?
Mmmm... Blue Bell Ice Cream. This is the best ice cream ever made. I am a huge fan of the huckleberry ice cream at G's Dairy in Rexburg, but I would take Blue Bell any day over G's. It is so rich and creamy and delicious. If you're ever in the south make sure and grab a pint of this delicious treat.
Mums. Aren't these the most beautiful monstrosities? They are given for homecoming to both the boy and the girl. The bigger the better. Some of them light up, some play music. I guess the best ones are homemade, but without my moms help I doubt I could ever glue gun my way through that mess of ribbons.
Texas bumper stickers. I love seeing Texas pride. The flag waving in someone's front yard, Texas bumper stickers, pins, shirts, everything. I really want to buy a few Texas lawn chairs while I'm down here. I'll see if I have enough room on my drive home.

Kolaches are one of the greatest breakfast foods. They are pastries stuffed with meat and cheese and (my favorite) jalapenos. So amazingly good. There are even stores that only make these delightful little buggers.

Last, but certainly not least is brisket and all Texas BBQ. This stuff is sooo Texan. They love their meat and they love to cook it with gallons of homemade BBQ sauce. Brisket is not my favorite (too fatty) but I do love great Texas BBQ. Mmmm! I'm ready for some BBQ with Blue Bell for dessert. Come down to Houston and visit me and I'll be sure and fix you up some.


  1. Makes me miss home! Yes Mums are the best! I'm pretty sure I still have mine from High School I think one of them even had a fairly large stuffed mustang in the middle :)

  2. Oh I miss Texas!! Blue Bell is the BEST ice cream out there! I love this post! :)