Saturday, September 11, 2010

Life's Like a Jump Rope

This Get Connected may have been my last, but it was not one that will soon be forgotten. Little Miss Rachel McCraken had the most brilliant idea to show an ultra cool dance to all the volunteers at the Spirit Conference talent show. Just our luck, the talent show was filled. So they said we could teach all the volunteers over breakfast.


We were so thrilled. We spent more than an hour practicing some sweet moves, like awkward knees, superman, Napoleon, and a duck-mating dance. We were super pumped. The next morning our dance went over surprisingly well. We were then asked (or maybe we asked, I wasn’t part of this communication) to teach the dance to all the new students at orientation. Here are some pictures of our amazing dancing, as well as a shot or two of the audience getting their groove on.

By the way, the song is by Blue October, called Jump Rope.

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