Friday, September 24, 2010


I am a person who likes to be around friends. When I was young I hung out with my sister Carley or the neighbors, as I grew older it took me a while to figure out who I really wanted for my friends, and I was lucky to have an amazing group of friends in high school. I’ve always been a best friend type of person, and I like forming close relationships with my friends. After graduating from high school I went through a phase of friendlessness, but not really. I still had a ton of friends, but our group had changed, grown, and dispersed. I wasn’t constantly surrounded by the ones I loved, but I filled my time in other ways – mostly with my best friend Lacy.

Lacy and I always would watch Will & Grace and Friends. Whenever I was having a rough day or feeling sulky I would pop in a disc of Will & Grace or Friends and life would be so much better. Whenever I cleaned my room I would watch Friends (I’d rather have that on in the background then music, it made me feel as if I weren’t alone). I still sink into that same mode when I want to feel as if I am not alone, but rather than relying only on Friends or Will & Grace, I now listen to/watch Harry Potter, Glee or some other sort of “friend.” I know what you’re thinking, this is what losers do, but I really love the characters in those shows and books, and it makes me feel as if I have friends, even if they’re fictional.

But my life is amazing, and I don’t mind having fictional characters as friends. Ron, Harry and Hermione keep me company in the car, and the others (and maybe some Christmas music) keeps me company once I finish my homework. Things are going exceptional. Now I just need to find someone to accompany me on a single adult date night activity we’re having in a few weeks. Shouldn’t be that difficult right? We’ll see…

Maybe I won’t tell them about my HP obsession.

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