Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Animal Cruelty

I have always been one who never understood animal cruelty and abuse. How could someone hurt an animal? Don’t those people normally buy the animals and then abuse them? Well… I can now understand why they would want to beat the crud out of their animals. (Just because I understand why does not mean I am endorsing or condoning that type of behavior)

Where I work my boss brings her dog in. A little bulldog named Duke. I hate dogs, always have. I think he knows this. He comes and sits on my feet, puts his head on my lap, and pesters me all day long. Even when I pull him out from under my desk or push him with my foot, he comes right back and on purpose, sits on my feet and begins scratching or licking himself. When I move my feet, he continues to rub up against me. All my pants are covered in dog hair and drool. I loathe this creature more than anything.

My supervisor Katie also finds the pooch rather annoying, but she is lucky that he doesn’t insist on sitting on her feet all day long. Just every once in a while he will venture into her office, but as soon as she kicks him out, he’s back under my desk.

I don’t know why I felt so inclined to write about this today, just a frustrating aspect of my work. Everything else is going amazing though. My internship is great – just need to figure out what I want to learn here so I can tell my boss.

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