Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend with the Pigs.

Of all of the weekends I’ve spent in Idaho, this past weekend is in the top 10 for sure. We decided to head to Ricks farm down in Kimberly. I was all sorts of excited for an amazing weekend. With Rick, there is always an adventure. We went to my Heather’s (my old FHE sister) reception on our way down. It was great to see her all married and such.

We then ventured on to see Rick. We built a fire, roasted tin foil dinners, ate and lay on the grass watching the stars. Then we were attacked by the “tooth fairy” and steamrolled numerous times. We eventually decided to go inside where it was warm and enjoy a movie. I don’t think very many of us lasted very long and slowly one by one we made it to our beds.

Saturday morning brought many activities. We began by eating a delicious meal prepared by Rick’s mom. She is such the nicest lady. Then we headed out for some chores on the farm. Our first duty was to castrate some pigs. Julie and I couldn’t handle this. It was gross and painful looking. Caitlin and Kami loved it. They would hold the pigs down, Rick would chop ‘em up and cut off their tails and then put them in their pens. It seemed so horrible, yet I knew it was necessary. I just couldn’t stand the sight of it. Luckily that didn’t last all day.

We then went on a tractor ride and tilled up some dirt. Caitlin, Kami and Julie had never ridden in a tractor before, so they got a kick of it. I don’t see a big difference in tractor riding and riding in any other slow moving vehicle, so I stood on the steps of the tractor and got covered in dust instead.

Our next adventure of the day was going shotgun shooting. It was so much fun. I had never shot a shotgun before, but I was able to hit both still and moving targets. After some coaching all of the girls were quite amazing as well. They all hit the stationary target and then they each hit at least one flying clay pigeon.

After shooting, the only logical thing we could do in the heat was go swimming. So we hurried and changed and headed to the pond. Rick had built a zipline, so we were able to experience that, which actually wasn’t as excited as we anticipated. It sagged so low that you drug in the water on the way down. It was still fun nonetheless. We also had grand adventures on a tractor tube and in the dust/mud.

After swimming we decided to finally get clean, but first we needed to artificially inseminate some pigs. Luckily only one was ready, so we went to the house, showered and dressed and went into Twin Falls. We went to the mall, Jamba Juice, and Target. It was a great way to wind down after a day of ultra fun adventures.

We got back to Rexburg at about 2:00 a.m. and I have to admit, I was wiped out. Today I struggled at church, but I was able to take a 2.5 hour nap this afternoon. What an amazing weekend. I love my life. Literally. I am so blessed.

P.S. More pictures will come later.

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