Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PR Squared

I can't believe I failed to mention to my blogger family that I got an internship! I'm moving to Houston Texas in a few weeks to begin my internship at PR Squared, a PR agency located near Memorial Park in the beautiful city of Houston. I'm so excited to begin, yet I'm really nervous.

It's a whole new world of work and moving to Houston alone is going to be hard. Even though I know tons of people down there I still don't know where I'm living or anyone in my ward. I don't know people my age so I may be hanging out with the families I knew in 8th ward. Work on my Espanol. I am actually really excited to go visit my converts and for the opportunity to speak Spanish all the time. It has been way too long.

There are so many things I'll get to experience in Houston this time around. I can't wait until I can go to the beach and swim in the ocean. Granted the ocean in Galveston is not very pretty, but I'll be able to do it. I can also go to some of the amazing haunted houses in October, I can stay out late, travel outside the mission boundaries. I can also be one of those amazing members that goes out with the missionaries a ton. Hopefully they don't think I'm a weirdo, or that I stink at Spanish. I also can't wait to do new things there, things that I didn't even think about when I was a missionary. I don’t know what those things are, but I’m sure I’ll find some.

I’ll be there from September 13 through December 15. Colton is going to fly out probably on December 13 and stay for a bit, then we’ll drive to Oregon together and spend Christmas as a family. We may also stop by my dad’s and pick him up so he can spend Christmas with us too. It’s going to be a great year, I can tell.

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