Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paul Singles Ward

I needed to talk about Sunday because I completely forgot in my last two blogs. First of all, we decided to go to a singles ward in Burley. Sounded like a great plan. I'd never been, and one of Ricks friends went to that ward. We called him up and it turns out they have Stake Conference. We decide to continue in our pursuit of a singles ward and we head out to Paul (my assigned stake).

We pull up to the church building (seminary building I think) and pile out of the car. Rick, Julie, Stuart and I were all excited to see what Paul had to offer. We stroll in a few minutes late and discover that we are not in church but rather a seminar on how to gain employment, make a resume and market yourself. We were kind of confused, but since it was the fifth Sunday of the month, we figured it was a special presentation. We suffered through it and were excited when the opening prayer was said for Sunday School.

Oh no, why were we excited? A freckle faced kid got up and announced "I didn't feel like preparing a lesson today, so we have a video." He then proceeded to pop in a Living Scriptures video. I couldn't believe it! Here we were, a class of 18-30 year olds watching cartoons. Why had we decided on visiting Paul Singles Ward? But then it gets better because the VCR (yes, it was VHS) stops working. Hallelujah! The teacher decides he better go get his manual. Wait, what do you suppose happens next? Of course, he walks into the room with a mini TV and VCR combo. We're going to finish the video!

We all sit anticipating what could possibly happen next in the Living Scriptures production of Samuel, the Boy Prophet. The teacher presses play, we gather around the 12 inch screen and 85 seconds later the film ends and the credits roll. Then we get to hear a testimony about how great the Living Scriptures are. Edification? Ha! Since our lesson ended 20 minutes early we decided to ditch out and go to the Paul 3rd ward for Sacrament. Turns out we weren't the only ones. There were at least 3 others from the other ward that we saw in our new meetinghouse.

I've included a screenshot of and the meetinghouse locater, in case you would like to experience this for yourself. It truly was a blessed(say it with two syllables) experience.

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  1. wow Burley is lame. Hope you find a singles ward!