Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Continued

So I must admit that Memorial Weekend was amazing. It was so relaxing and great. I really needed it. Now I’m suffering through school since I did hardly any homework the whole weekend. Anyway, here are some highlights…

We went adventuring up a mountain with Rick.

We also found a “Sword in the Stone” only ours was a pipe in the dirt. Still pretty impressive.

Then we played baseball with poo and the pipe.

We peed on the Declo D at the top of the mountain. Sorry all you Decloites. We just had to do it.

Watching the sunset.

We also had the most amazing time next to the river.

Other great things:

Excessive amounts of BBQ. Shooting. Bike Ride. Washing my car. Best friends ever.

Basically this doesn’t even describe the weekend, but it was great.

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