Sunday, May 23, 2010

Judges 4

Today in Sunday School, we learned about Deborah in Judges 4. I hadn’t really studied the story of Deborah, or the underlying principles contained in Judges, but I am really happy we did today. To sum things up: Deborah was a prophetess and she helped Barak to deliver Israel. Our teacher (who is also my FHE mom) asked us who in our lives were Deborahs to us, who had been a friend and helped guide us? Well I wanted to take this time and devote a bit of my blog to these friends.

Lacy Duncan. Lacy is practically my sister. We were so close before I went on my mission, and once I got back we realized that our lives led us in different directions, but she is still one of the greatest influences in my life. She helped me develop my personality, confidence and love for others. She really helped me develop into Devin. I cannot thank her enough for the role she has played as best friend, sister and platonic life-partner.

Stuart Spieth. Stu is and will always be one of those people you can rely on. It is so strange to me that we’re friends after all these years. We seem to be so different, yet so compatible. He was and is the friend who helped me grow in the gospel. Without him, I don’t know if I’d be at school at BYU-Idaho, and I don’t know if I would be as well versed in gospel subjects. He is a Deborah.

Rick Roper. Rick is my best college friend. I don’t know how we became friends, but through all our childishness and playful fights, I grew to love this kid. He has really made such an impact on my life, how I look at things and how I attack challenges. He is always there for me uplifting me, making fun of me, calling me out on my laziness and making me a more fun individual. I’m convinced that we need to live next to each other once we’re married, now I just have to convince him to move to Africa.

Julie Larson. Julie is one of a kind. She has the biggest heart and is always striving to be the best person in every aspect. Her devotion to the Lord is unbelievable. She has really taught me how to handle my life, and to look beyond the surface of problems. She is the best person to talk to about life as well. She is so understanding and never judgmental.

Marisa Hansen. Marisa is incredible. She is so positive and supportive. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to make it through winter semester without her. She knows just what you need, and is such a dedicated friend. I know that I can ALWAYS rely on her, no matter what.

Kami Oliver & Kira Middleton. Kami and Kira share a line because they are inseparable in my mind. They are two of the San Diego greats. I am so blessed to know them. Kami keeps things lively, and Kira (when hopped up on sugar) gets her going. They are so much fun to be around, but can also be serious and are always willing to help out a friend.

Dave Borchardt. I never would’ve thought that Dave and I would become friends, but we have and I can’t imagine my life without him. He is such a great kid, and really knows how to keep you laughing. He has such a positive outlook on life, and his relaxed lifestyle shows me that I don’t need to be so stressed out.

Caitlin Hendrickson. Caitlin has changed my life in so many ways. She has opened my eyes to the world and shown me the important things in life. She knows who she is and will not allow her standards to be compromised, and I really admire her in that. She is also very adaptable and accommodating, something I need to work on, but she exemplifies it so well.

Winter semester Lifeline group. Angie, Tashina and Matt helped me develop a college personality all my own. They are some of the greatest people I have met up here at school, and will always be an influence in my life.

There are so many more roommates, wardmates, classmates, and other mates that have played an integral roll in who I am and are continually helping me become a better person. I just don’t have time to mention everyone. If you’re reading this, it is probably because I love you, or you’re stalking me. Either way, you’re an amazing person for sitting through this. Look for the Deborahs in your life. They’re there and they’re amazing.

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