Monday, May 24, 2010

False Alarm?

So today I was all about studying in the Spori, and by studying I mean searching for the perfect internship. My class started at 2:00 and I had a perfect 30 minutes to get things figured out before heading to class. Internship search proved to be unproductive and I reluctantly headed to class at 1:50. No joke, 15 minutes into class the fire alarm went off. Then entire class sat hesitantly waiting, wondering if it would cease in a matter of seconds. When the piercing noise persisted, we dragged ourselves outside into the bleak Rexburg weather.

Who would pull a fire alarm at 2:15 on a Monday when it wasn’t even sunny outside? I mean, I could understand it if there were some sort of temptation of a tan, but no. We stood freezing our butts off until Sister Hansen decided to lead our entire class to the Kirkham to finish out the remaining 20 minutes.

I can’t wait until the next issue of the Scroll so I can figure out the mystery of the fire alarm. Maybe I should just form my own cast of Scooby Doo and solve the mystery myself. Besides, I’ve always had a HUGE crush on Velma.

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