Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Semester is HERE!

This semester has become one of my favorite semesters ever. I love my ward (the 35th ward), my roommates are the most amazing group of guys I've ever known, I have a new car, braces on my teeth, and the greatest classes. Get Connected was truly the best way to start off this semester. I loved being able to hang out with my best friend Rick for 5 straight days, plus we made such great friends with others on council. I really love that program so much. We had the best time in everything, including "Happy Morning!" What a great week!

I am now deep into the semester. Classes are going well, I'm taking Comm. 352 (Persuasion), Comm. 347 (Advanced Visual Media), Comm. 450 (Conflict Management), Comm. 297R (A Comm. practicum), Family Foundations, Volleyball and Soccer. I love my volleyball class the most. Our coach is great. She is so strict and it really helps me improve my game.
In advanced visual media, our first assignment was to do a self portrait. Here is what I came up with:

I think it turned out pretty well. For my practicum, I'm working with Service Activities as their publicity coordinator. It has been pretty stressful since I have so much to do for it. The blood drive is next week, and the special olympics are coming up. It is hard trying to balance everything, but I'm handling it pretty well. I'm only working 5 hours in the Get Prepared office this semester and 15 in the English Department. I also will be serving in the baptistry in the Rexburg Temple on Friday mornings, and I also got a calling to be a part of the activities committee. This semester is really going to be a great one.

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