Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I thought it was about time that I posted a picture of myself with my braces. I struggled a lot with them at first. There wasn't a lot of pain associated with them, more like embarrassment from having braces on my face. I'm over it now, and can laugh at myself. Well I really just wanted to write today, I'm in one of those moods.

This semester has been so busy, it is slightly overwhelming. My classes give an excessive amount of homework, and normally that is totally ok for me, but this semester is different. I'm working in Service Activities (which I love) and have been completely bogged down with publicity for the blood drive, special olympics, service fair and more. They all happen next week, so I never really got into the swing of things. I feel like I finally have a little bit more time, but not even. I have an online class that hates me and I have so much homework to do for that today. Too bad I left it at my apartment, and I'm now sitting in my car outside of the Smith building waiting for my good friend Julie to get out of class. We have an assignment we have to do together today.

One more thing I wanted to mention: dating.
I hate dating. It is not a fun experience and I feel a little forced into it. My apartment is having a group date this weekend, which normally I'm all for, but since Caitlin and I broke up I've normally gone on friend dates with girls I know. Well I decided to stretch myself and actually ask somebody who I've never been on a date with. So far I haven't found anyone to ask, nor have I had the desire to really search somebody out. So much pressure, yet no pressure at all. I'm not really going to search out my eternal companion, but it's still really hard asking people on dates. Oh well. I'm sure I'll be able to do it. I need to do it today or tomorrow at the latest though. My weekend is going to be crazy busy. Here it is:

7:45-1:45 Work
2:00-3:00 Persuasion
3:00-4:30 Pack/Homework
4:30-Saturday, Service retreat

12:30 return from service retreat
2:00-4:00 work in the baptistry
6:00 group date

Life is going to be crazy for the next few months. I will also find out this month if I'm going to be able to go to Washington DC to visit the Red Cross. Hopefully I will be able to. I really want an internship there. The school is going out there in June. Keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. It took me longer to figure out how to comment on this post than to read it! Dumb. But here I am. And I am here to say that I apologize for not living in Rexburg so that you could take one hot mama (literally) out. So very sorry.
    Love, Boice