Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The RR challenge

So last night my roommate Rick gave me a challenge to avoid gossip, criticism and complaining. To help with this he gave me a bracelet made out of what appears to be a shoelace, with the directions of swapping wrists each time I gossip, criticize or complain. It has been life changing. Well... not really life changing, but maybe day changing. After a while it may change my life, but for now I'm still adjusting. I only had to change the bracelet twice today, maybe should've been three, but I like the sound of two better. It should be an interesting experience. Basically I may end up being a positive person. Who knows.

In other news, we lost our wallyball tournament tonight. This was not my favorite season for sports. I can't wait until soccer and grass volleyball in the summer. It is going to be so nice being outside all the time. Went for a 3 mile run outside. So nice. I love the "warm" weather. 45 degrees today. So nice, relatively speaking. I also interviewed to be a coordinator for Service Activities. It went well, we'll see what the outcome of that is. Hopefully I get a good position. I'll keep things updated.

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