Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Apartment

Today Stuart and I went and signed contracts for Bunkhouse Apartments. I'm excited to move back to a social atmosphere, but I am not quite sure how I feel about moving back to my old ward. It is going to be strange. Oh well. I realized today how selfish I've been about roommates and housing, so I decided to let Stu pick where we went. He suggested the 35th ward, and I was fine with it. We're going to be living in Apartment 15, the neighbor apartment of where we used to live. It'll be weird to have neighbors on both sides, I've never had that before. But I'm really excited for the summer semester. I also dropped my math class so I wont have to worry about that during the beautiful weather.

We also went to the temple as old roommates. Johnny, Rick, Dave, Seth and myself all had dinner together, then went to the temple. It was great. The temple was packed which is always a great thing to see. What kind of stinks about that is that Seth didn't make it into our session, so he waited patiently for us to finish. It was still really great. Then we went to a friends house and watched her open her mission call. New Mexico. Way fun. Great day overall.

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