Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life Goals

So I already posted today...actually since it's past midnight, it is a new day, but I thought I would get a lot of use out of my blog while I still have the drive. I have a list of 50 life goals that I thought would be fun to put in here, so here goes:

1. Serve a mission

2. Ride a horse

3. Put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean

4. Become fluent in 2 foreign languages

5. Get married in the temple

6. Go hunting

7. Backpack through Central America

8. Receive my master’s degree

9. Do the temple work for my grandparents

10. Visit South Africa

11. Visit India

12. Visit Ethiopia

13. Visit El Salvador

14. Visit Argentina

15. Visit a Croatian beach

16. Go on a gondola ride in Venice

17. Eat a deep fried tarantula

18. Milk a cow

19. Take voice lessons

20. Go on an African safari

21. Learn to draw cartoons

22. Serve a mission with my wife

23. Help build a home for the needy

24. Visit all 50 states

25. Go surfing

26. Hike Niagara Falls

27. Go rock climbing

28. Catch a fish with my bare hands

29. Go to a movie premier

30. Learn how to play the piano

31. Plant a garden and eat the food

32. Teach my kids Spanish

33. Learn to do a cartwheel

34. Go up in a hot air balloon

35. Live in a foreign country

36. Adopt

37. Learn to dance

38. See a penguin in the wild

39. Go bungee jumping

40. Spend New Years Eve on Times Square

41. Save someone’s life

42. Coach a little league soccer team

43. Read the “classics”

44. Hang glide

45. Spend a week outdoors surviving on nature

46. See the northern lights

47. Run a marathon

48. Have a picture published in a magazine

49. Have children

50. Be happy

Part of my life goals is to get a picture of me doing each one of these things. More will come, doubt I'll post them all, but some.

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